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Whippingham Community Association (WCA)

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In the twenty-five plus years the Whippingham Community Association has managed the village hall, a host of activities have taken place; whether its tea dances and whist drives for older members of the community; keep fit and weightwatchers for the middle group or band practice and drama workshops for younger people. Members of the Association have voluntarily worked to benefit our neighbourhood.

If you have a small amount of time and would like to help to ensure the continuing success of the Community Association, please get in touch and let us know. We would appreciate your support.

WCA Hall
The Community Hall today; large and spacious

To remind people of the historic importance and the quality of the rural environment, the Association obtained lottery funding to develop a Heritage Trail around Whippingham. The notice boards at the Heights and at the Hall came from this source as did the Heritage Trail leaflets obtainable through local outlets and tourist offices. The information boards are also part of the project as is some of the capital equipment obtained by the Association.

The Hall was built by Sam Saunders of Saunders Roe just over 75 years ago. It has served the community well throughout this time, but if one looks at the next 25 years the Hall will need to become more energy efficient and it may need to re-organise its interior space and offer broadband internet connections to reflect the changing needs of our community.

There is no doubt that more developments will extend from East Cowes towards Whippingham and our schools still don’t appear to have a clear and certain future. Development in itself is no bad thing and might bring jobs, but it would be good to think that the developments that do occur will fit with the rural nature of the area. To contact the Association, please write to:

Very early days at the Community Hall

Mrs G Taylor
Acting Secretary
Whippingham Community Association
Whippingham Hall
Isle of Wight
PO32 6NZ

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Mrs Lin Lenox

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